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My name is Michael Newell, I am currently in my fourth year of study in Computer Engineering at Rochester Institute of Technology. I am a hard-working problem-solver who can accomplish any task I put my mind to. My previous work experience includes working as a Systems Engineer Intern at FluxData Inc., a Software Engineering Intern at Blackbox Biometrics Inc., a Digital Engineering Intern at SRC Inc, and as an ITS Service Desk Representative at RIT.

In my studies, I have learned how to design, test, and verify logical circuits using ICs and FPGAs, interface between digital and analog circuits, write and document software in C, C++, C#, Python, Java, VHDL, Verilog, and ARM Cortex M0+ Assembly, as well as document and work with version control in group software projects. I also have experience working with Xilinx Vivado tools and FPGAs.

My personal projects are available to view and download on Github here. One project is a fork of the open-source rhythm game StepMania that adds support for playing like Guitar Hero. This project is in C++, and involved creating new logic to handle determining if the guitar notes were hit correctly or not and the ability to read .midi and .chart files, used for writing custom Guitar Hero songs. Another project is a Java program that can automatically run moderator functions on a web forum using Selenium Web Driver. This includes tasks such as deleting posts that contain certain words or phrases, tagging posts based on their content, creating posts at pre-determined intervals, and messaging users and other moderators.

Please download my Resume by clicking on 'Resume' above if you are interested in seeing my full Resume.

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